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Positive thinking and self-empowerment

Ashleigh as been an ever present positive in my life for years! When things seems to be at their hardest she has helped me make the right decisions, and even when I didn't, she helped me to understand WHY I made the decision I did and how I could turn it around.


She always guides me to have my priorities in order, with myself at the top of the list, which has never been an easy thing for me.


Christy S.

A little more than 5 years ago I found myself at a potential turning point in my life. Faced with a huge fork in the road that could have either taken me further into the darkness or towards a pathway of light, Ashleigh was standing in the middle, willing to do what it takes to help me find my way. She has walked hand in hand with me through 5 years of sobriety from that day forward.


The gratitude I have towards her and her ideals is unwavering, given that she has helped me find the path of living that best approaches discovering my optimal self. My faith and my strength have been nourished through this relationship. I am the closest I have ever been to my higher power.


Through all the work I have done on myself, I can confidently say that the child I am bearing will be mothered by the best version of myself. I owe it to this woman who has defined for me what unconditional support and blind faith presents itself as.

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